September 11th Service Day

Academy Mortgage Service Day

Service Day

With all of the hustle and bustle of a busy work day, family obligations and a full life, it can be easy to put “giving back” on the back burner.  We all know that it is important and the more you give, the more you tend to receive in return.  How often do we practice what we preach, however?  And how often does the organization that you work for encourage and actually organize projects at every level that will allow their teams the opportunity to volunteer and give back.  I’m proud to say that Academy Mortgage leads by example and gives back in ways that I haven’t seen with other companies, large and small.  As part of our yearly Leadership Summit, Academy Mortgage organized a “Service Day” in partnership with the Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity and ReStore.

On September 11th, 2013, 132 Academy Mortgage Managers and Senior Leaders converged on a church that was donated to Salt Lake Habitat for Humanity and will eventually become an American Cancer Society Hope Lodge.  We tore out ceilings, ripped up flooring, pulled nails out of floor boards so that the wood could be reclaimed, dismantled shelving and worked as a team to make as much of an impact as we could.  We got dirty and ruined our shoes and clothing but I have never felt more connected to my team as I did on that day.  It reminded me of our values and of our commitments to our community.  It reminded me that serving others feels just as good to me as it does for those that we’re serving.

It’s days like this that encourage me to get back to some basics and really remember what is important to me in life.  I thought that this Forbes article was a great read and rang very true for what is really essential.  So, today, I’m committed to helping others and to focusing on my WHY.


Academy Mortgage really cares about community, we care about our clients and referral partners in the very same way.  If you are looking for a real estate partner in Portland, we are here for you.  Give me a call at:  (503) 453-6849 or send me an email:

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