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I'm a Loan Officeran Outdoor Enthusiasta Dog Moma Wine Enthusiast

As Senior Loan Officer with Advantage Mortgage, I pride myself on exceeding my customer’s expectations. Mortgage became my passion at 21, when I purchased my first home and fell in love with the entire process. Helping others achieve their dreams of homeownership has truly enhanced my life and connecting with people is what I enjoy the most. Living life to the fullest and sharing my free time with my fiance, our 4 dogs and my friends and family, feeds my soul. I love getting outdoors, traveling and adventuring and enjoying all the culture Portland has to offer.

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I understand that no two clients are alike, so I put together useful mortgage information specific to different homebuyer and homeowner situations.

1st Time Homebuyer

Will this be your first time purchasing a home? No sweat.

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Moving Up

When you’re ready to take that next step, we’re here for you.

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They say size isn’t everything. Let’s review your options.

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Love the home you’re in? Let’s make it even better.

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